2018 NFL Draft

Drew Brown to honor his late friend in all-star game

Drew Brown won’t be wearing his usual No. 34 when he competes in the Shrine Game this Saturday. He will be wearing a number just as special.

A number to remember a friend.

The former Husker is looking to make it as the next Nebraska kicker in the NFL. He’s lifting, conditioning and kicking every day as if he were getting ready for another college season in Lincoln.

Brown works out with some of the former Nebraska strength guys at a gym in Lincoln. He said it also helps him to have a brother, Kris Brown, who kicked in the NFL.

“He’s been huge to my preparation. He will continue to be. He knows a lot of people that I can get my foot in the door with. He can do that much for me. Then it’s ultimately up to me to perform well. But he’ll do just about anything he can to help me get to that next step. I really appreciate that.

“I would do the same thing for him if he were in my situation.”

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