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Redskins 2-minute drill: Dustin Hopkins on rule changes to the kicking game

579fe4df9868a.imagePosted: Tuesday, August 2, 2016 12:15 pm

On changes to kick game:

I don’t get the benefit from watching from a fan’s perspective, if that makes sense. I looked a little bit at the numbers from last year (when the distance of an extra point was moved to 33 yards from the uprights) and the numbers were indicative of that change, to see how many more missed extra points there were than the year before. But whether to add it to the game or not, I don’t know. I know you have to focus in a lot more than you did before.

I think guys around the league have realized that it’s not a warm-up kick anymore, per se; before you could, kind of. It was always nice going into a game and getting an extra point because it was always like a little warm-up kick, even if you didn’t hit it that well. Whereas now, if you don’t hit a clean ball, it’s a very miss-able ball. Where before, even if you didn’t hit a clean ball, you’d still be in good shape, most likely.

I would say I wouldn’t like narrowing the uprights. I don’t know. They’ve already tried to change the kicking game so much. I’m sure there will be new changes on the horizon, who knows?

I’ve said things along this line before, but you just do with whatever rules are in place. You’ve got to do your best whether it’s a narrow goal post, a wide goal post, wherever we kick from, whatever.

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