Denver Broncos quarterbacks first priority for new offensive coordinator Mike McCoy
Denver Post
At first glance, it’s hard to determine if Broncos new special teams coordinator Brock Olivo is hopped up on Red Bull or naturally exudes energy in an attention-grabbing way. Olivo said he’s always had that enthusiasm and hopes the way he coaches will rub off on his players.

Olivo, 40, said he’s ready to excel with the Broncos as a first-time coordinator. Broncos head coach Vance Joseph grilled him during a six-hour interview to determine if he was the right fit to end an exhaustive search to find the right special teams coordinator.

The key, Olivo says, is to focus on how players learn rather than how coaches teach. He has a favorite acronym: “K.I.L.L. it.” It’s startling at first, but fits perfectly  with his high-energy approach and projected coaching style. It stands for “Keep It Likeable and Learnable.”