2016 NFL Season

Kim Kardashian & Marquette King: Oakland Raiders Freaked Over Dating Rumors — Team Cursed?


Marquette King is not the only one affected by the rumors that he’s dating Kim Kardashian lightly. In fact, his football team, the Oakland Raiders, is now being influenced by them, HollywoodLife.com has learned EXCLUSIVEY. We have the scoop, here.

Marquette King, 28, must have a lot on his mind after rumors began circulating that he and Kim Kardashian, 36, were hooking up behind Kanye West‘s back — and now his NFL team the Oakland Raiders are worrying, HollywoodLife.com has learned EXCLUSIVELY. “Kim Kardashian and Marquette King rumors are freaking out players on Marquette’s Raiders football team,” an insider tells us. “Guys on the squad are nervous about the effects of a distraction of a celebrity like Kim could be on the team’s chemistry. Leaders on the team have already talked with Marquette in the locker room about squashing any romance between he and Kim before it affects the team who are Super Bowl contenders. Guys have told Marquette, not to mess with Kim, or any of the Kardashian’s, ‘they are mojo killers,’ they told Marquette who is insisting the stories are just that, stories and rumors.” Wow!

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